Metal welding

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spawanieWelding of metals, steel, and sheets

Metal welding is a service that we have been offering to our clients since the beginning of our activity, i.e. for almost 20 years. We have qualified staff, the necessary equipment, and, above all, the experience that allows us to weld even the most complex and demanding structures. We weld metals of all kinds. We weld structural, stainless, and manganese steel. Thanks to extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to precisely match the processing technique to the type of material, as well as the result expected by the customer. We encourage you to test our skills!

Methods of metal welding

Due to the different physical properties of metals, such as the melting point, various techniques are used for welding them. Their proper selection ensures the creation of a durable, high-quality connection. In each of the metalworking processes carried out in our company: welding, rolling, and others, we use advanced devices that enable effective and efficient work. Among the methods of welding metals we use, one can distinguish:

  • electric welding,
  • shielded metal arc welding,
  • submerged arc welding,
  • gas-shielded welding,
  • MIG method,
  • MAG method,
  • TIG method,
  • gas welding (usually acetylene).


"Welding work performed at Metal-Serwis Wandtke is professional work!"

Qualifications for metal welding

Welding metals is a procedure that requires appropriate knowledge and skills. Their absence can lead to serious consequences such as loss of health of the welder. For this reason, it is necessary to complete the relevant training and pass exams. Our team members have all the necessary qualifications for metal welding. They guarantee efficient, precise, and professional execution of each order, as well as the safety of employees. The permit to perform this type of task should be renewed every 2-3 years in order to continue working in the profession.

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