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konstrukcje staloweSteel structures - execution, workmanship

We guarantee attractive prices, quality, and timely delivery. By entrusting us with the execution of the order, you can be sure that it will be executed reliably and professionally.
Wandtke Metal-Service has extensive experience in the execution of projects for engineering and steel structures. We make even the most complex and technologically advanced steel structures. Our machine facilities and highly qualified staff allow us to take up any challenge in the field of engineering and steel structures.
We carry out serial and single orders. We work with several regular contractors, which allows us to constantly improve our technological and production processes.

Stages of steel structures execution

1. Getting to know the project
The detailed analysis aimed at identifying the necessary materials and estimating the time needed for execution.
2. Performing a demonstrative project valuation
Taking into account the data received in the first step, we make an overview of the cost of execution, which we present to the client.
3. Arranging the details of the execution with the client
We arrange a meeting or conversation with the client to establish detailed requirements and discuss the execution process. We discuss also the execution costs.
4. Preparation of the offer
Having full information about the project, we are ready to present the client with a detailed offer, which includes the deadline, costs, form of payment, receipt, or transport of the finished product.
5. Acceptance of the order
We finalize the formalities for accepting the order and proceed to its execution. At this stage, all engineering work is also carried out to hand the project over for execution.

6. Execution works
Proper execution of the project. The detailed scope of work that we perform will be discussed further on this page.
7. Quality control and correctness of workmanship
During the execution of the project and after its completion, quality controls and measurements are performed to confirm the correctness of the execution.
8. Finishing works
At this stage, we focus on details that often determine the final effect and quality of the construction
9. Handing over the finished project to the client

The finished steel structure is handed over to the client.

We perform the full scope of work on our own

We carry out 90% of the work on the execution of the project for the metal structure on our own. It results in lowering the execution costs, as we do not have to use the services of intermediaries and subcontractors. We have a well-equipped machine park, which allows us to have full control over the execution of construction.


The works we perform:

  • Collection of the necessary materials and raw materials
  • Preparation of semi-finished products (cutting, bending, cleaning, turning, milling)
  • Assembly of the structure (welding, bolting, riveting)
  • Finishing works (grinding, cleaning, painting)
  • Delivery of the structure to the client (transport)


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