Produkty - Metal-Serwis Sp. z.o.o

For many years, we have been cooperating with regular contractors. The services and products we provide for them are highly appreciated. We would like to demonstrate some of our permanent products on this page. We hope that you, as our potential client, will appreciate our effort put into the execution of each project, and thus you will decide to cooperate with us.


Manganese steel drums:

The product is made of manganese steel. Welded with unique technology. The semi-finished products are prepared in the plasma cutting process and turned on large-diameter lathes. We make the whole product on our own and we also organize transport.



Metal sheets with a thickness of 20 mm, rolled on rolls:

Our clients often use services in the field of metal sheets rolling on rolls. We have 3 rolling machines that are in constant motion. Below we show examples of 20 mm thick metal sheet elements, rolled on rolls.



Laser-cut, welded, screwed doors:

Our main service is laser cutting. It’s one of the regular services that we provide to one of our most important clients for us is the production of doors as shown in the pictures below. Elements for this product are laser-cut, welded and minor finishing works are performed.



See our offer for the shipbuilding industry:

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