Metal sheets cutting (various methods)

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blacha pociętaMetal sheets cutting - plasma, gas, oxygen, saw, and guillotine cutting

We offer you precise metal sheet cutting. In addition to laser cutting, we have devices that enable cutting with other methods:

  • plasma cutting
  • gas cutting
  • band cutting
  • guillotine cutting

Overview of methods for cutting metal sheets and steel products

Cutting of metal sheets and steel products such as profiles, sections, pipes, and shafts in Wandtke Metal-Service is carried out using various cutting methods - here are the main ones:

Plasma cutting (plasma torch)

A technologically advanced method. Cutting is carried out with a numerically controlled machine or a hand torch.
Plasma cutting allows you to cut any shape with high accuracy in terms of dimensions. Cutting is performed on precise numerically controlled machines (CNC). In our company, we offer plasma cutting of black sheets up to a thickness of 20 mm, and stainless steel sheets up to a thickness of 16 mm.

Some of the advantages of this method include:

  • Cutting any shape.
  • Numerical control (CNC).
  • Cutting up to a thickness of 20 mm (black / construction sheet).
  • High dimensional accuracy - up to 0.5 mm
  • Fast order execution
  • Large processing capacity


Cutting with a gas torch (CNC, magnetic torch, hand torch)

One of the most popular methods of cutting metal. A torch with numerical, magnetic, or manual control is used.
Gas cutting is one of the most popular methods of cutting steel. Cutting takes place in a thermal process using various types of torches. At Wandtke Metal-Service, we use numerically controlled (CNC), magnetic and manual torches. This method can cut any steel product (black steel) up to a thickness of 300 mm


This is what the gas (oxygen) cutting method is characterized by:

  • Possibility to cut any steel product.
  • Cutting up to a thickness of 300 mm.
  • High precision and dimensional accuracy when using a numerically controlled torch.
  • The perfect cutting edge after cutting with a CNC torch.
  • Low costs.
  • Instant execution.
  • High processing capacity.

Cutting with a band (band saw)

This method is best suited for cutting profiles, sections, pipes, and shafts.
The band saw cutting is an ideal process for cutting profiles, sections, pipes, and shafts. This process is a relatively cheap solution. At Wandtke Metal-Service, we have several band saws, which allows us to serve many clients.
Advantages of cutting with a band saw:

  • Perfect for cutting profiles, sections, pipes, shafts, and rods.
  • Cutting up to a thickness of 500 mm.
  • High precision.
  • Dimension Accuracy.
  • Low costs

Cutting with a guillotine

Rectilinear cutting of metal sheets when high precision of dimensions is not required.
The most traditional method of cutting metal sheets used to cut them into simple shapes. Guillotine cutting has a rectilinear ability to cut. It is possible to cut metal sheets up to 15 mm thick - only for black/construction sheets.
Guillotine metal sheets cutting - characteristics:

  • The possibility of cutting metal sheets of simple shapes with straight cutting lines
  • The process is very cheap compared to other methods
  • The optimal method of cutting metal sheets when high accuracy of the dimensions is not required (accuracy up to 3 mm)

Cutting with a saw as a cheap solution.
Cutting with a saw is an irreplaceable solution in the process of implementing various types of steel structures. As a company that provides a wide range of services, we also offer metal cutting on band saws. Please contact us if we can assist you with your order.

If you are not sure which method will meet your expectations and needs, don't be afraid to ask us. We help in the selection of technology. We always provide services with the selection of technology that is most suitable for the client in terms of price and quality.

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