Water jet cutting

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cięcie strumieniem wody

Water jet cutting is one of the services we specialize in. This method allows the cutting of extremely thick materials (specification presented below). Despite the thickness of the material that must be dealt with when cutting with a water jet, this method allows for high accuracy in terms of the dimensions of the cut elements. The unquestionable advantage of this technology is the possibility of obtaining any shape of cut - the method is very precise. Contrary to traditional methods, no dust or vapors, which are detrimental to the environment and human health, are produced during this process.

Water jet cutting - what materials?

This technology enables the cutting of various types of materials. It is used in processes involving plastic, stone, steel, or aluminum. In the case of water jet cutting, it is necessary to use additional abrasives, which are put into the water. The benefits of using this method concern not only the health of employees and the condition of the natural environment but also the products’ quality. Water jet cutting does not affect the structure of the material.

We offer cutting materials such as:

  • steel of all kinds and types up to a thickness of 100 mm,
  • non-ferrous metals up to a thickness of 100 mm,
  • glass up to a thickness of 10 mm,
  • ceramics, marble, and granite up to a thickness of 100 mm,
  • plastics up to a thickness of 100 mm.

Water jet-cutting devices

We have a precise device that allows for cutting with amazingly high accuracy. The machines at our disposal generate a high pressure of the water jet, even up to 4,000 bar. This makes it possible to process extremely hard materials. We offer rapid execution of orders. The dimensions of the working table at our disposal are 3.2 m x 1.6 m. The cutting process is fully automated, which minimizes the risk of any production errors. As in the case of many other techniques, e.g. milling, the processed material is not exposed to high temperatures.


How to order a water jet cutting?

We execute orders for the water jet cutting service based on the inquiry sent along with the attached detailed technical documentation. We prepare price offers for you based on the submitted documents. The cost of the service depends on the level of advancement of the project, the workload necessary for its implementation, as well as the materials used. Please send the drawings in AutoCAD formats (* .dwg, * .dxf files) to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax in the form of drawings with a full description.


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